Five ways to improve your online dating photos

Five ways to improve your online dating photos

People today are busier than ever and find online dating to be the easiest way to try and meet that special someone.   However many of the photos people posts on the dating sites hurt their chances rather than help.   Here are five tips to improve your online dating photos.

1.        Recent photos

Potential daters want to see what you look like right now, not five years ago.  Aim to have all of your photos within the past year or two.  Also don’t be afraid to swap some out when you get new ones.


2.       Blurry photos

How is the quality of your photos?   Do you look blurry or out of focus in them?  Be sure to post photos that show your face clearly and ideally, be the focus, like a headshot.  That will increase your chances for more dates. 


3.       Group photos

How many of your profile photos are group photo?  If you answered “all of them” then it’s time to change it up.  Don’t leave potential dates guessing who you are in each photo.  They won’t.


4.       Sunglasses/Hats/Accessories

You can wear sunglasses in some of your photos to show you like to be outdoors. However,  if you something covering your face in all of your photos, it greatly reduces how many people want to communicate with you.  They can’t know for sure what you really look like.  Make sure you have at least one photo showing your face free of all accessories, wine or beer glasses, hats, etc.


5.       Half or full body shot

Another helpful photo is a half or full body shot.  If you are missing it, make people wonder if you are hiding something. 


Hopefully these tips help your dating profile.  When you stop and think, you are probably looking for the same things when you are reviewing dating profiles.   Still don’t have any (or enough) of the photos types above?   If you live in the Boston area, contact me to set up a photo session.